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Websites & Application Development detail!

For you to get the best picture on how we do things at ExcitableWeb, here is a timeline overview process on how we think that things should be done in a proper way.
We try to make it as easy as possible for each and every potential new partner to get in the process loop quickly while making our selfes availbale at any time possible to our current partners.

Let's do this!...

So... you either have been refered to our services or you just found out about us.


Your request is discussed in detail during our first meeting where ideas are shared so that you can have the best possible end product that full fills your requirements.
All information gathered during this meeting would be used to issue an official quotation and an estimate completion date together with a concept design.


With all the information gathered during the first meeting, a design concept is created and is shown to you for your consideration and discussion. This will not be the final design, therefore the concept can be re-viewed and accustomed to your liking. If your project is a website, a social media strategy plan is also created during this stage so that your activity can fully benefit from social networks that are currently available.


As soon as the design/concept is confirmed, the development process kicks off. Database structures are created, CMS is set up... coding starts! :)
This stage is all about us, so relax and leave us do what we do best!. We can gurantee that our code is optimized for SEO and to W3C standards.


It's time for your input!
At this stage we request that you go through the website/application so that you can test all functionality and confirm that everything is exactly as what you requested.
Any modification, adjustments or bug fixing is done at this stage so that everything is perfect prior to the launch.
We will also explain everything you need to know about your new system together with a detailed tutorial on how the system is used. The tutorial is relatively short as our system is very user friendly, it would depend solely on how good you are with word processing! :)

The Launch!

This is the most EXCITING stage!
As soon as all the information is in place and your system is bug free, we will prepare everything for the big day and make sure that everything goes smooth during the launch. However!! ...this is not the final stage as per our standards ...take a look on whats next...

Maintinance & Customer Care

Yes! ...something that other competitors lack from, but for us, this is the most important stage from all!
If you intend to be just a client to us then we do not want to work with you, instead, we want to be a trusted partner for your activity where you can totally rely on our services anytime you need assistance and consultation, whether to improve your online presence or your day to day work load through our systems.
Your site or system will be constantly monitored for SEO improvements and performance while making sure that there is no down time whatsoever.
We also periodically test our back-up systems to make sure that if anything happens your operations are not effected!

... ANOTHER HAPPY PARTNER! ...easy no? Get in touch with us, you won't regret it!