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Accounting Solutions

At ExcitableWeb, we have taken our ExciteCMS a step further by enhancing it to be an easy to use full accounting system known as ExciteCMS Accounting. A client needed an accounting system to personally manage his accounts for a lotto both he owns and to make his work experience easy by having a centralized system were he can manage his sales, dues, payroll, profit and loss and accounts. 

The system also provides reports that are easily turned into PDF files and enables the administrator to add users with their own user name and passwords with limited access to different areas within the system. It also allows the user to list down data by specific dates and months to filter out the required data into smaller chunks to enable him to monitor information easily. 

Reports are automatically generated according to the amount of sales with an easy to use stock control in combination with expenses and other data gathered from each and every module within the same system. Modules can be customized to the required functionality the user requires so that the best possible time saving procedure can be achieved.

What we did

    • Daily Sales Input with Cash drawer status
    • Dues Accounts & Report 
    • Balance Report 
    • Yearly Profit & Loss Report 
    • Accounts Module 
    • Payroll System 
    • System Users Account