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Developers Malta is a dedicated online community for web and software developers to facilitate the recruitment process between the professional developer and recruitment agencies together with employers. It's a platform which offers all facilities to both employer and candidate in searching, applying and posting of web and software developer jobs in Malta respectively.

Services that are offered by are:

  • Free candidate registration.
  • Free email alerts.
  • Job application history.
  • Online resume.
  • Management for profile, personal Skills, Experience & Education.
  • Developer related search criteria.

  • Free employer registration.
  • Applications manager.
  • Candidates manager.
  • Free application email notification.
  • Order history.
  • Live chat support.
  • Multiple job listing per account.
  • Company profile management.
  • One easy payment per job listing.
  • Accepts Paypal and other international online payment cards.

The website features a very easy to use interface which is responsive and easy to use on portable devices. The job search was designed from a developer point of view, making available only those search criteria which are the most important for each and every developer to search with.

ExcitableWeb was also entrusted to give the brand that look to really make it distinctive on what it portraits. The color scheme selected together with the logo, gives that fresh and revitalising feeling of achievement and success yet enhancing it with that professional look.

The content itself features all the information needed about the service being offered together with a live chat support system to employers who might need assistance in posting their job listing online.
What we did
    • Branding
    • HTML5/CSS3
    • Javascript/jQuery
    • PHP/mySQL
    • Content Management System
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Online Payments
    • Alert System
    • Email notifications
    • Social Media