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Maltese Riders in France... Good Luck Guys!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 16:06

ExcitableWeb will this year sponsor three of the best Maltese motocross riders who will be participating in a prestigious competition which will be held in France.

Clayton, Kyle and Edward, known as the ZOQDI team, will be participating in the Mediterranean Motocross Trophy between the 7th and 8th of November which will be held in the southern part of France, namely, in a town called La Fare-les-Oliviers where they will be challenging some of the best Motocross riders from around the world with countries like Italy, Spain, Romania, Tunisia, Greece and many more.

With a track of around one and a half kilometer, lots of traveling and most of all, dedication, these three riders will surely be tested to their limits but we are pretty sure that they will do their best to raise the Maltese flag as high as possible and that is the reason why ExcitbaleWeb will be proudly sponsoring these riders as we think that they have the potential to do well and can handle anyone and anything both locally and abroad!

Having said all this, let's have a closer brief look at these riders.

Name: Clayton Camilleri
Age: 29 years
First Motor Bike: Suzuki rm 125
Current Motor Bike: KTM sx 250
When it started:17 years of age till present
Overall Achievements: Nine times MX Malta champion (Section A)

Name: Kyle Camilleri
Age: 15 years
First Motor Bike: Suzuki rm 85
Current Motor Bike: KTM sx 144
When it started:10 years of age till present
Overall Achievements: Young drivers runner-up & Young drivers first place

Name: Edward Ciantar
Age: 28 years
First Motor Bike: Yamaha yz 250
Current Motor Bike: Kawasaki kx 250
When it started:19 years of age till present
Overall Achievements: Class B Champion one time and Runner-Up Class A

Here at ExcitableWeb we deeply wish you a big good luck, have fun and make us prouder!... whatever happens we'r still proud of you getting this far!