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One bracelet, fits all?!

Friday, February 13, 2015 - 03:34

custom bracelet

Yep! ...there you have it! ...One single bracelet that you can customize on the fly... from you mobile?! It's called Tago Arc

This bracelet lets you customize and design your own style and easily swap between designs using your mobile. You can also buy readily made designs using the app which comes with the bracelet for just $1.

For now, it will be only available to android phones because NFC (near field communication) for Apple's iOS is still locked up. The bracelet does not need any batteries to work as it consumes power through NFC of you phone and uses a low powered e-ink screen to display the design.

The trasnfer of the picture is still quite slow, taking up to 15 seconds for transferring the image to the bracelet but the Tago Arc team is working to make the process faster before shipping out the bracelet in December.

have a look at the videos below to see what the bracelet is all about! :)