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The fast growing 3D printer technology!

Friday, February 13, 2015 - 03:29

3D printer technology

Who ever thought that we might be printing prosthetic hands from a printer? 

Honestly I didn't, but apparently it's becoming a reality. 3D printer technology is fast becoming the next generation of printers. Starting from the 1960's, when photocopiers where invented by Xerox, printer technology has gradually evolved rapidly followed by Thermal and Laser printers during the same decade. 

During the 70's dot matrix technology became available, of which is still being used today from those businesses needing perforated copies of invoices and receipts and not to forget thermal printers as well, also the perfect solution for receipt printing. 

In the 90's commercial sales boomed for the inkjet printers of which ,ironically, the technology was already invented in the 1951 by Siemens! However ink jet technology and laser where being perfected for being an affordable residential and commercial solution to the user printing needs during this period. 

What we have today?! ....3D printing! Actually the 3D printing concept started back in the 1980's from 3D Systems Corporation where the first process was know as stereolithography.

Check out this cool explanation from CNN which gives a detailed look about the 3D printing and how its evolving!

CNN 3D Printer Explenation

Source : CNN