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Finally, website is up and running!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 - 10:21

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The "Coming Soon" page has been up for a lot of time now, actually I think about six months!! ...but look... it's finally up and running, I have used the Christmas holidays to finish off what was looking to be a never ending project, but I guess that is a good sign, which means that I was pretty busy taking care of new and current partners websites and systems through the year!

The purpose of this website is to keep you informed about new products and service that will be undergoing through the coming year, also, with some cool offers and some other cool news from around the globe in relation to IT gossip and facts.

I really hope you like the look and feel of it and that you'll come and have a look from time to time. 

By the way!!... A Facebook share and like wouldn't hurt either! ...they are very close... look... just under this line!! ;-)