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Samsung To Recall All Galaxy Note 7!

Friday, September 2, 2016 - 04:31

Yes indeed, the North Korean giants, Samsung, is recalling all the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all over the world.
Barely a month since the launch, the Galaxy Note 7 apparently has a huge battery problem and when we say huge we mean fire huge!

There has been already 5 reports from around the world that the coolest smart phone currently available is actually catching fire while charging. Samsung has reported that they found around 24 devices with problems regarding batteries from the 35 alerts received from countries around the world.

This would mean that Samsung will instantly stop all the Note 7 sales and will start the process to replace about 2.5 million devices around the world. Yes 2.5 million devices sold worldwide in a month!

This recall will take place in about to weeks time and devices will be replaced no matter when they where purchased.

So if you have one of the 2.5 million devices purchased, keep your self updated with new developments about the recall.