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Rest assured that you will get noticed!

Let's face it... anytime you need to buy something or you need to make some find out regarding a product or service, the first thing you do is open up your internet browser, get into your favourite search engine and search for what you are looking for so that you know from where you can get that particular product or service or even compare with a couple of search results you might get with your search. We know because here at ExcitableWeb we do that all the time :)

So here is the deal... in Malta, almost 70% of the population uses the internet, how do we know that? Simple! for "how many internet users in malta" ...we are right aren't we? ...that is almost 320,000 users... not bad considering that 75% of that amount can be potential new clients!

Now we can keep on writing a lot of stuff here to convince you that we are the best and there is no one like us and things like that, BUT! ...we are not going to do that, instead, we are just going to proof ourselves to you.

Xuereb Installations Ltd. entrusted us with the renovation of his online presence by upgrading his website and the result achieved together was amazing! Search on Google for "gypsum installation" and you will see why!

His business now ranks at the top of a very generic search for those who will be searching for his field of expertise. How cool is that huh?! is what he had to say about us...

Since the launch of the new site, we noticed a large increase on sales queries, even from outside Malta.
We are truly satisfied with the service!

Stephen Cachia - Xuereb Installation Ltd.


  • We WILL make sure that you'll get noticed.
  • We already did it with other partners.
  • We proved it to you!
  • You don't have to do anything except providing required information and choosing.... what will you be choosing? Below is a detailed list.

Your logo is your identity.

This is the first step we do when we brand your business.
You will be presented with varius concepts for your logo where each and everyone of them will have its own story and idea behind it.

From the logo we can then proceed in creating the rest of the branding material such as business cards, letter heads, veichel wrapping stickers, social media banners and anything else needed for you business to attract the attention it deserves.

It's not always "everyone!"

Perhaps, this can be one of the trickiest decision that we will have to take together.
Not every age group behaves the same infront of different types of advertisement campaigns so we have to be carefull that we choose the right ideas to the right target audiance.

So far we have succeeded, so that means 8 years of knowing what audiances want, how and when they want it.

Feel & Look

We will present you with varius designs and ideas on how we can make your new site look nice and feel comfortable for users.
With more then 8 years expirence here at ExcitableWeb we'r pretty sure that we can provide the best advise while choosing your website's design layout.