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... We Are Not About The Quantity, But The Quality... Seriously!

ExcitableWeb started 9 years ago from Adrian Schembri (that's me! Have A Look :-p ), then aged 20, from a small PHP project which was being done to help a friend manage his activity's contacts and appointments anywhere he goes using the internet. After the project was done, I have realized that the final product had a lot of potential to become a good content management system for small to medium sized websites. A dummy website was created so the system can be heavily tested and improved were needed with a loads of new modules and features.

After some long nights and a lot of coffee the system was then ready to be used with proper websites and was given the name of ExciteCMS. Our first client was truly satisfied with what it was achieved and that gave us courage to keep on investing time to improve the system and its now able to handle from large property websites to a full accounting system with stock control. 

As you can see, ExcitableWeb, is a brand name that tries to help individuals making their work related tasks easier when it comes to online websites or application. We have seen a lot of admins trying to look fancy with lots of gadgets and all that shiny stuff, but that's just it! ...ExcitableWeb focuses on practicality and user friendliness... If you don't believe this just send us a message and we'll demonstrate it to you... no costs... promise!

Our motto was and will always be "The system learns you, Not you learn the system!"